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Can Less Than A Dollar Really Accomplish Anything?

Written by Andrea on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
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Doctor Irunde at Ikhanoda Dispensary At the Ikhanoda Dispensary that services five large villages for about 11,000 people, it can save a life. When guests of PEN Trust visited the dispensary to deliver t-shirts and a few supplies, we were met by Doctor Irunde with a heavy heart. His face reflected his worry as he told us that he was all out of IV drips and did not know what he would do if a patient in need came.

PEN Trust and guests came back the next morning with 60 bags of the three kinds of drips he had requested and ordered another 60 bags to be delivered the following week. Delivering Boxes of IV Drips to Ikhanoda Dispensary Each day we were in the village, we were met with stories of how those drips had saved lives, two the first day, then two more, then Mungwe’s own father had a severe case of malaria and benefited from the drips.

How can you help?
*Doctor Irunde is still in need of two bicycles for transportation for he and a midwife to visit patient’s too sick to travel.
*Basic supplies such as latex gloves, treated mosquito nets, bed sheets, blankets, towels, bandages, aprons, etc.
*Staff Housing for two families

Additional Photos:

Solveig delivering t shirts to the Ikhanoda Dispensary staff Solveig delivering t shirts donated by the Northwest YMCA to the staff of the Ikhanoda Dispensary. The patient seated in the chair walked six kilometers to get to this dispensary.

Solveig delivering more t shirts to the staff of the Ikhanoda Dispensary More t shirts to the staff

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