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Feed My Starving Children Delegation Arrives

Written by Andrea on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
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Patty and Denise with Kindergarten kids from NkhunguFeed My Starving Children representative, Patty Kleve, and friend Denise Spanbauer spent two weeks with PEN Trust visiting elders and families that had benefitted from the food we received from FMSC.

Patty and Denise spent two weeks traveling around the central regions of Tanzania. Most of their time was spent in Singida visiting sites and people that have received food and helping in the distribution of more as well. Crowd at Sefunga waiting for their name to be called in order to get foodOne place they wanted to visit was the large village of Sefunga where we had fed 3, 287 people and they had read the article Andrea had written for the FMSC newsletter. You can read this article on the FMSC website. Unfortunately when we arrived the village was virtually empty because everyone was in town to see the then President William Mkapa who was visiting Singida town.

Additional Photos:

Patty delivering food to Pastor Issac Makanta and the children of the Nkhungu Kindergarten In Dodoma, we distributed food to Pastor Issac Makanta as well as the kindergarten students to supplement their meals of porridge.

Mungwe giving Bibi Yohanna a new kitenge We brought 100+ year old Bibi Yohanna a new kitenge (large piece of cloth that can be wrapped by itself or made into clothing) and she gave her appreciation back to Mungwe with a traditional form of love bites in the palm of his hand.

Mungwe explaining the food to elders in Kinyeto villageWe also distributed food to fifteen elders in the village of Kinyeto. Mungwe is explaining the food to an elderly blind woman, Nya Moghu, who had recently taken her first car trip to come and meet Mungwe in Dodoma.

Mungwe having a traditional drink on behalf of the guests Mungwe accepts a traditional drink from Uncle Mohammed’s family on behalf of the guests.

Examining Denise's long blonde hair Mohammed’s family had fun with Denise’s long, straight blonde hair comparing it to their own.

Mungwe distributing food to Ambayuu Ambayuu is a mute man who is a single father of four small children.

Mungwe distributing food to Bibi Juma and Bibi Jumanne Mungwe giving food to Bibi Juma and Bibi Jumanne.

Denise distributing food to Mama Yasinta and children Mama Yasinta is a widow with three small children.

Distributing food by bicycle to village elders Mr. and Mrs. Juma Mwekwa were so thrilled to see all the guests coming up their path bringing gifts of food which was just in time.

Mungwe giving food to Mzee Ramadan who had recently suffered a stroke Mzee Ramadan had just recently had a stroke when we arrived with food. He was so very thankful for the gift. He said they had not eaten in two days.

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