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Food Delivered to Village Elders

Written by Andrea on Thursday, February 23, 2006
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Solveig and Mungwe delivering food from FMSC to Ramadan who is recovering from a recent strokePEN Trust guests from the US had the opportunity to deliver food from Feed My Starving Children to village elders and other families in need. Many of the recipients are widows and widowers who cannot cultivate their own fields and rely on their children and grandchildren for complete support. During droughts like we are experiencing now, this can become a source of conflict within families.

Uncle Mohammed, Rudi, Catherine and Solveig Delivering FoodNot all families we deliver to are elders per se, like the family of Uncle Mohammed for example. Last time we visited him he was there with his wife and eight children, but as we learned this time his wife’s sister had died and she requested all of her seven children to come and live with them after her death. Mungwe with Uncle Mohammed's familyPEN Trust helps alleviate some of the burden to families like this since this is often a reason why girls are pulled out of school to compensate for extra needed labor at home.

How can you help?
*School Scholarships are needed to keep girls in school.
*A 5 ton truck for distribution of food is still needed

Additional Photos:

Catherine, Rudi and Ambayuu who is mute Ambayuu, a single mute man with four small children, received food from PEN Trust.

Catherine, Rudi, Solveig, Bibi Jumanne and her daughter in law Bibi Jumanne received food with the help of her daughter in law who carried it to their home.

Andrea, Catherine and Mama Yasinta Mama Yasinta, a single mother with three small children received food.

Catherine, Rudi, Solveig, Mungwe and Happiness Dafi Receiving Food Happiness Dafi is a new resident in the village who was sent to our warehouse in order to receive food.

Mungwe and Mzee Slaim Idabu receiving food Mzee Samuel Idabu receives food.

Andrea and Mzee Samuel receiving food Samuel’s brother, Salim, also recieved food.

Bibi Yohanna receiving food from Mungwe Bibi Yohanna is over 100 years old and receives food each time we visit the villages. She stilll maintains her own plot of greens, but this food comes as a great source of nourishment for her family.

The family of Mzee Habib receiving food We are always welcomed to Mzee Habib’s compound with a joyful song and dance. Mzee Habib and Bibi Pengo show off their latest grandchild, Baby Hawa.

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