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Dodoma Orphans Receive Food and Care Packages

Written by Andrea on Thursday, August 3, 2006
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Orphan waiting for food WODECHE (Women’s Development and Children’s Education) is a non profit founded by Sulafa Mohamed. She started this program to help take care of 30 orphans that were located in her immediate neighborhood in Dodoma. Her program helps orphans that have been relocated into their extended families’ homes or with strangers, which is how most orphans in Tanzania are taken care of.

Sulafa Mohamed and some of the orphans she cares forWODECHE is a small scale grassroots non profit that was started because of the need to support orphans and their education and welfare. PEN Trust has recently partnered with WODECHE and given each child a box of food (216 meals) as well as a care package of lotion, shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, pencils, pens, notebook paper, crayons, a small toy and reading books.

Additional Photos of Distribution:

Sulafa and colleague collecting food donation from PEN Trust offices Sulafa and her colleague collecting the donation of food and other items for the orphans that WODECHE serves from the PEN Trust offices.

Mungwe explaining how to prepare the FMSC food packets Mungwe explains to the children and their care givers how to prepare food packets from Feed My Starving Children.

Sulafa Mohamed distributing food to WODECHE orphans Sulafa Mohamed distributing food to the orphans she works with.

Orphans waiting for their name to be called Two orphans waiting for their name to be called to receive food.

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