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Written by Andrea on Wednesday, August 9, 2006
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“Those who receive this privilege, therefore, have a duty to repay the sacrifice which others have made. They are like the man who has been given all the food available in a starving village in order that he might have strength to bring supplies back from a distant place. If he takes this food and does not bring help to his brothers, he is a traitor. Similarly, if any of the young men and women who are given an education by the people of this Republic adopt attitudes of superiority, or fail to use their knowledge to help the development of this country, then they are betraying our Union.”

By Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere
(The first president of post-colonialist Tanzania)

Mungwe addressing the students of Msalato Girl's Secondary School in DodomaMungwe ABC Athman is a Tanzanian that has taken the words of Mwalimu Nyerere to heart. After attending the local village primary school he went on to secondary school, college and finally received a Master’s degree in Architecture from Leuven Catholic University in Belgium. Despite his career life as an Architect, Mungwe has devoted time to the non profit, Poverty Eradication Network Trust (PEN Trust) which together with other partners is helping the poor within Central Tanzania to help themselves. The program focuses on short term needs (food, medication, clothing), mid term needs (micro financing, cooperative initiatives) and long term needs (scholarships, school construction, health, books and other educational materials).

Mungwe supervising construction at Ikhanoda Secondary School in Singida, TanzaniaMungwe is an example of the impact of books and what one person can do to help those in need. Mungwe has continued to have strong ties to his rural village and with the help of PEN Trust has been able to impact the lives of other students through the distribution of books and school supplies, educational scholarships and construction of a secondary school. The books received from Books For Africa and the partnership with Better World Books have sparked the interest of many students still learning and struggling to achieve in their villages. One may never know the impact of donating books at a college book fair or dropping off a box at the BFA warehouse, but perhaps someone just like Mungwe will receive your book and be able to return to his community and make a difference.

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