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Books For Africa Warehouse Visit

Written by Andrea on Monday, August 28, 2006
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Sign in St. Paul, Minnesota for the Books For Africa office and warehouse space.Books For Africa continues to have a strong partnership with PEN Trust. While in the US, we had the opportunity to meet with Patrick Plonski, Executive Director, to meet the staff and tour the warehouse. Through the generous donation of the George Seymour Bissell Foundation, a 40 foot container will be arriving in September 2006.

Additional Photos from our BFA visit in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dropping off donated books at the BFA dock.Dropping off donated books at the BFA dock for our container leaving in July.

Meeting with the Exective Director of BFA, Patrick PlonskiMeeting with Executive Director, Patrick Plonski, in the BFA office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

BFA Warehouse where incoming books are sorted.Touring the warehouse where the books are delivered and sorted into subjects.

Pallets in the BFA warehouse of books ready to be sent.Pallets ready to be shipped out to various locations in Africa.

Boxes from donations while PEN Directors were in USDonations designated for PEN Trust allocation that left the port on July 14, 2006.

More donations from PEN donors for our next consignment.More donations designated for the PEN Trust allocation.

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