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Coming Full Circle

Written by Andrea on Thursday, October 26, 2006
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Skip and Joan EricksonOne thing that PEN Trust has always encouraged is donors to come and see where their donations have gone. Whether it be monetary or in kind donations, we love to have people participate in the projects we do. We recently had a short visit from Joan and Skip Erickson, PEN Trust donors, who spent four days seeing what it is we do and where their funds and materials have gone.

They participated in many things in their short time with us. Distributions of food from Feed My Starving Children, distribution of supplies from Books For Africa, delivering medical supplies to the Ikhanoda Dispensary, home visits with village elders, and construction of classrooms at Ikhanoda Secondary School to list a few things.

Joan showing the kids their image on her digital cameraJoan is a retired teacher from the Minneapolis School District in Minnesota. She and her family had made individual chalkboards for primary school children after reading a story about students writing in the sand until their teacher sent them inside to write on their precious paper. Unfortunately the primary school children were on holiday, so we were unable to deliver them with Joan present. Joan had also arranged for PEN Trust to receive a solar oven cooker from the Solar Oven Society. She has also mobilized her friends and daughter, Lisa, to collect school supplies and precious paper products.

Skip receiving a hug of thanks from the Academic Dean at Ikhanoda Secondary School for his help.Skip is an actor in Los Angeles, California. He had made a generous donation to PEN Trust the prior year that went towards the construction of two classroom floors and two verandahs at Ikhanoda Secondary School. The teachers and school board were so pleased to meet him and to put a face with his actions.

Here are more photos of their time with PEN Trust:

Bibi Jumanne receiving Feed My Starving Children food from Skip Erickson Skip Erickson distributing food from Feed My Starving Children to Bibi Jumanne.

Joan Erickson distributing food to Mzee Salim Joan distributing food to Mzee Salim and grandchild.

Mungwe ABC Athman and Skip Erickson distributing candy to neighborhood childrenThe neighborhood children have come to associate visitors to their neighborhood with a treat of candy.

Bibi Yohanna receiving a new cane, toiletries, a blanket and food from Feed My Starving Children Bibi Yohanna received a new walking cane from Catherine and Rudi Martignacco, a new afghan from Joan Sanaker, a ziploc full of toiletries from Willy and Rita Croonquist and food from Feed My Starving Children.

Construction of four new classrooms at Ikhanoda Secondary School Ikhanoda Secondary School has been challenged by PEN Trust to continue building and adding classrooms to their school to make it into a high school serving Form 1 - 6 students. They are well on their way and showing great progress.

Skip Erickson and village elders hauling bricks for the new classrooms at Ikhanoda Secondary School Skip pitched in with the construction of the new classrooms by hauling bricks with village elders.

Skip Erickson and Mungwe ABC Athman in the classroom that Skip helped buildMungwe is introducing the village elders and school board members and teachers to Skip who donated money for the construction of two classroom floors at Ikhanoda Secondary School. See additional stories.

Mungwe ABC Athman handing out teacher packs at Ikhanoda Secondary SchoolMungwe handing out teacher packs to teachers at Ikhanoda Secondary School. The majority of these supplies were donated by people living in NW Ohio.

Mungwe ABC Athman standing with Bibi and Babu Athumani at their home in Kinyeto, Singida One of the families we visited with in the village of Kinyeto was Babu and Bibi Athumani Mpume.

Mungwe ABC Athman admiring the grandson of Mzee AthumaniMungwe admiring the grandson of Mzee Athumani.

Skip and Joan Erickson chatting with the childrenSkip and Joan were welcomed by the children. They loved to see their picture in the digital cameras.

Joan Erickson with Bibi and the rest of her family Joan visiting with proud parents and their grandmother.

A proud father showing off his six children The lineup of six little kids and a proud father. The chicken was a gift to us for visiting their home.

A picnic lunch on the rocks overlooking the Rift Valley at Itaja, Singida Mungwe celebrated his 51st birthday with a picnic on the rocks overlooking the Rift Valley at Itaja in Singida region.

The Rift Valley The view of the Rift Valley from Itaja, Singida.

The Catholic Church at Chibamagwa that Mungwe designed and built On our way home to Dodoma we stopped at a Catholic Church in the village of Chibamagwa that Mungwe designed and built a few years ago.

Inside the church at Chibamagwa Inside the church at Chibamagwa.

Mungwe admiring the effortsMungwe inside the church he built.

Lake at Singida townThe only lake in the area that had water reamaining after such a dry season.

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