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BFA Container Arrives

Written by Andrea on Monday, December 18, 2006
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Books, books and more booksAfter five months, the container from Books For Africa arrived at our warehouse in Dodoma. This container was donated to PEN Trust through BFA and the George Seymour Bissel Foundation.

Stuck in the mud The 40 foot container was so heavy that it got stuck in the mud outside our warehouse and had to be towed out. Although this was a glitch in the driver’s program, it is a good indication of the long awaited rains that have finally come to the region. In January, PEN Trust will start the process of delivering books from our last container that is ready to be distributed. This will coincide with food distribution as well. Check back to see our progress…

Here are some additional photos of the container unloading:

Arrival of the container from Books For Africa at our warehouse in Dodoma After realizing the truck would not be moving from its stuck position, the container was unloaded quite a distance away from the warehouse doors, making the process exhausting for the 15 young men that helped.

The opening of the containerOpening of the container.

Rashidi giving instructions on how to unload by categoryBefore unloading started, Rashidi gave instructions on how to read the labels for subject and grade category to help the process run more smoothly.

Unloading the container box by boxThe container was unloaded box by box - most boxes were carried on their heads as each one weighs about 50 pounds and they had to walk through a muddy path to reach the warehouse.

More books Some of the stack of books in the warehouse. Each subject is seperated into its’ own pile as well as by grade either primary, secondary or post secondary within that subject to assist in sorting later in the process.

Books More boxes sorted by subject and grade level.

CPPS Truck towing out the container truckThe next day a heavy duty truck was brought in from CPPS - Water Project to help tow it out of the slick mud hole it was stuck in.

Backing out of the warehouse driveway Taking no risks at turning around and getting stuck again, the truck had to back out of the warehouse driveway and gate.

A bridge was made to ease the trucks enterance The recent rains had washed out the road, so a make shift bridge was made with sand bags to ease the truck’s entrance into the warehouse gate.

Attempting to turn back to Dodoma townThe truck was too long to negotiate the turn so it had to make a bypass by our office to turn back to the road to Dodoma town.

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