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Faraja Tutoring Centre

Written by Andrea on Monday, April 9, 2007
Filed under: General News

Standard 7 students underneath the tree where they meet for their tutoring sessions.Faraja has 100 students that have finished primary school through Standard 7 but either do not have the funds or need extra tutoring help before starting secondary school. The program does not have funds for adequate classrooms so they meet under this tree. Most of the students that come to this centre are considered orphaned or vulnerables.

Andrea, Joanie and Don Hawkinson relaxing as Faraja gets set up for their visit.Don and Joanie Hawkinson relaxing at Faraja Tutoring Centre in Miyuji before introductions and their program.

Volunteer teachers at Faraja Tutoring Centre.Faraja is supported by volunteer teachers.

Pre-schoolers at Faraja Tutoring Centre.Faraja has 50 preschoolers that come everyday and receive porridge and a meal of Feed My Starving Children food for lunch before going home.

Mungwe giving instructions on how to preapare FMSC food to Faraja students.Mungwe is explaining how to cook the Feed My Starving Children meals that the students will receive for lunch each day.

Faraja students presenting a rap to the guests.Several young men presented the guests with a rap on the importance of education, respecting your parents and of making safe choices in regard to HIV/AIDS.

Faraja girls sing a song for the guests.These girls presented a song on the importance of education and studying hard to make a difference in their lives.

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