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Written by Andrea on Monday, April 9, 2007
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Baby at Huruma Orphan Centre receiving a packet of food from Feed My Starving Children to play with.Huruma means mercy in Kiswahili. At the Huruma Orphan Centre in Mnadani, both orphans and vulnerables are taught life skills, share a meal and just have time to play with kids in the same situation each Saturday. The centre hosts 70+ children each week- 7 of these children are known to be HIV+. PEN Trust brought guests Don and Joanie Hawkinson one Saturday as we prepared a meal and bought sodas for the kids as well as distributed a box of Feed My Starving Children food to each child.

The orphans and vulnerable children that attend Saturday gatherings at Huruma Orphan Centre.The children of Huruma Orphan Centre.

Mungwe translating for Don Hawkinson as he addresses the crowd.Mungwe is translating for Don Hawkinson as he greets the children and teachers of Huruma.

As the kids waited, they started to make clay figuresThese little guys were so patient - and busy, making clay figures.

Samples of the clay toys made by the children as they waited.Samples of clay figures made by the kids of Huruma.

Huruma's chicken projectHuruma has a chicken project in order to raise funds for their projects.

Helping to unload the FMSC boxes at the Huruma site. Food was delivered for the shared meal and also for the box that each child would take home with them.

Adding names to the listMungwe is adding names of children that were not on the original list.

Joanie Hawkinson distributing food to each child.Joanie Hawkinson distributed boxes of food to all the orphans and vulnerable children.

Joanie Hawkinson helping a orphan carry his box of FMSC meals back to his spot.Each box weighs about 32 pounds, so some kids were too small to carry their own box.

Mungwe giving instructions on how to prepare the FMSC meals. Mungwe giving instructions to the teachers as well as to the children who each brought a box home so they could tell their caretakers.

Cooking the FMSC meals for the orphansTeachers prepared the meal for the children of Huruma while children looked on and learned how.

Makeshift dining room as kids eat their meal atop their own box of food to take home.Our boxes became dining room tables.

Taking a big bite of food. Everyone enjoyed the meal - including this big bite.

Two friends enjoying a meal of FMSC food together Two friends enjoying a meal.

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