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Teddy Bears for Pre Schoolers

Written by Andrea on Thursday, April 19, 2007
Filed under: General News

Sample Teddy Bears from Mother Bear ProjectMother Bear Project is a non profit based in Minnesota that sends hand knit teddy bears all over the world. PEN Trust was fortunate enough to have 250 bears added to our last book container.

Child with her new teddy bear

Child with her teddy bear

Young man with his new teddy bear

Mungwe giving away teddy bears Mungwe giving away teddy bears to the orphans and vulnerable children of Faraja Pre School in Dodoma. 50 children attend this pre school.

Children receiving teddy bears at Faraja Pre School

Mama Nzuzu and her grandchildren with bears Another family that received bears was Mama Nzuzu who takes in her grandchildren as their parents can no longer do so properly.

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