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Mango Church Update

Written by Andrea on Saturday, June 28, 2008
Filed under: General News, Major Projects

Mango ChurchMango Church has had another face lift. We received a designated gift for continued construction to try and complete the church. After discussion with Pastor Grace and church elders, it was decided that the funds would be spilt into two projects.

Floor SlabThe first was to finish the inner floor slab that was added by the NW Ohio team last summer. Floor Slab 2 Fundis finishing the floor slab

The completed floor The finished floor

Plastering the outer wallsThe second project was to plaster the outside walls. Plastering

The plastered churchThe finished church Close up of newly plastered church

Further needs include ceiling board, exterior and interior painting, toilet facilities, pews and electrical fittings. The church has an opportunity to buy a neighboring property for $2,000. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting any of these projects.

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