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Rotary Container Ready For Distribution

Written by Andrea on Saturday, June 28, 2008
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Rotary Container UnloadedThanks goes to several Rotary Clubs from the Minneapolis area who donated funds for a container currently being distributed. A total of 23,318 books were distributed to two universities, ten secondary schools, nine primary schools, one regional library, two teacher resource centers and other smaller groups.

Science TextbooksSome times we never know what we will find in a shipment – this time we had only four titles of secondary science books allowing for schools to each receive classrooms sets of the Biology, Biology Lab Manual and Physical Science textbooks. Advantages are that schools rarely have enough books for one or two students to share in a classroom – disadvantages are that there is not a variety of subject matter.

Biology TextbooksThe quality of books sent by Books For Africa have increased since we first started to receive containers. This Biology book alone is selling for $104.00 online. We received over 150 – so one title alone is worth $15,600.00.

Weekly Readers for lower primary gradesWeekly Readers of leveled readers for lower primary readers.

Boxes of supplies for the O'Brien School for the MaasaiThe O’Brien School for the Maasai in Sanya Juu, Tanzania was started by Kellie O’Brien from Chicago. She added boxes of books and school supplies to this container for the school.

Gifts from US DonorsThis container also contained many gifts in kind. They included Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, clothing, towels and bed sheets, flip flops, medical supplies, school supplies and toiletries. Thank you to all of our Minnesota donors that continue to collect items for us.

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