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US Ambassador’s Self-Help Grant

Written by Andrea on Tuesday, July 8, 2008
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Mungwe, US Ambassador Mark Green and Andrea at receptionEarlier this year, PEN Trust was selected by the US Ambassador, Mark Green, to be a recipient of his Self-Help Grant. This is a fund for small scale projects with large impacts.

Ikhanoda Secondary School ClassroomsPEN Trust’s grant was designated to Ikhanoda Secondary School in Singida region, for formation of a proper library.

Ambassador Mark Green, Andrea and Mungwe accepting the checkThe grant was for $5,700 or 6,680,400/= Tanzanian shillings, which will help purchase shelving units, tables, chairs and other necessities for the library. Check

Books in storage at Ikhanoda Secondary SchoolIkhanoda Secondary School has been our main pilot program in rural Singida. As such, they have received a total of 4,024 books throughout PEN Trust’s five years of distribution. Without a library, books stay stacked in boxes within the teacher’s offices and are not used to their full potential.

Sign for Ikhanoda Secondary SchoolFurther needs for the library include electricity to the school and village.

Additional Photos:

US Ambassador Mark GreenUS Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr. Mark Green from Wisconsin.

Other recipients at the US Embassy receptionOther recipients of the grant at the Embassy reception.

Mungwe being interviewed by ITVMungwe being interviewed by local television station ITV.

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