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Written by Andrea on Tuesday, July 8, 2008
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Ruby, Mungwe, Andrea, Solveig, Leigh and Dan at Stiggy's in ArushaPEN Trust was happy to welcome repeat guest and PEN of Tanzania Board Secretary, Solveig Misner, along with husband Leigh Wold and friends Dr. Dan and Ruby Heiden.

Solveig Misner, Mungwe and Dave and Eunice SimonsonDave and Eunice Simonson's home in ArushaWhile in Arusha, we had a chance to visit with Dave and Eunice Simonson, longtime Lutheran missionaries who have worked with the Maasai tribe for decades. Solveig’s father was Dave’s professor at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

On safari at Tarangire National ParkAfter leaving Arusha town we headed to Tarangire National Park. We saw many animals including:

Olive BaboonsOlive Baboons

Mom and baby elephants at TarangireElephants

Giraffe at TarangireGiraffe

Bird at TarangireBird at TarangireBirds

Mother and baby zebra at TarangireZebras

Waterbuck and wildebeest at TarangireThroughout the entire park these were the only two wildebeest that we saw – thankfully they were adopted by a herd of waterbuck for protection.

A relaxing leopard at TarangireA relaxed leopard

Having a nice safari picnic at TarangireTime for a safari picnic lunch!

Waterbuck, Thomsen's Gazelle and Giraffe grazing together at TarangireGiraffe, Thomsen’s Gazelle and a Waterbuck grazing together.

View of SingidaAfter leaving safari, we traveled on to Singida.

Singida Regional Commissioner Parseko Kone with guestsWe met with Regional Commissioner Parseko Kone before heading out to the villages.

Mungwe introducing Solveig to Ikhanoda Secondary School studentsMungwe introducing Solvieg Misner to the students.

Ikhanoda Students at AssemblySinging the school song for the guests
Students at Assembly singing their school song for the guests.

Mungwe and Solveig explaining how to use the pencil sharpenerYMCA T Shirts for the Ikhanoda teachers
The teachers received a few gifts such as a pencil sharpener from Cyndie Misner and t shirts from the YMCA in New Hope, Minnesota collected by Catherine and Rudi Martignacco – they are always a big hit!

Guests in IkhanodaOur hosts in Ikhanoda village – Mzee Rajabu and Bibi Asifiwe

Leigh and Solveig giving Bibi Asifiwe a giftLeigh and Solveig giving a gift to Mzee Rajabu
Gifts from Solveig and Leigh for Mungwe’s parents.

Ruby giving a gift to Bibi AsifiweDan explaining a wind up flashlight to Mzee Rajabu
Gifts from Ruby and Dan Heiden - Mungwe’s Dad enjoyed learning how to use the wind up flashlight.

Dropping off basic medical supplies at the Ikhanoda DispensaryWe dropped off a few basic medical supplies at the Ikhanoda Dispensary. They are always grateful for anything we deliver.

Scrubs from Mary Jo These scrubs were given to Andrea by Mary Jo Peterson after she stopped nursing. Andrea used them in her kindergarten make believe center but saw that they could be used for real in Ikhanoda. Thanks MJP!

Bibi Yohanna As always, our guests received a blessing from Bibi Yohanna. This was the last time we saw her – she passed away soon after.

Solveig, Ruby and Mungwe giving Bibi Yohanna a new Maasai blanketSolveig, Ruby and Mungwe giving Bibi Yohanna a gift of a Maasai blanket.

Overlooking DodomaAfter leaving Singida, we headed for Dodoma.

Mungwe and Solveig delivering books to DCT Holy Trinity Primary School in Dodoma2,745 books were distributed to the DCT Holy Trinity Primary School in Dodoma (Anglican Church).

Solveig giving a backpack to Japhet NzuzuJaphet Nzuzu is one of our scholarship students. Here Solveig Misner is giving him one of the backpacks from the Brady Christmas gifts. (See article about Scholarship Students)

Guests at the steps of the University of DodomaBooks were also delivered to the newly formed University of Dodoma. So far, they have received a total of 11,268 books including books for their on-campus primary and secondary schools.

University of  Dodoma Head Librarian Dr. Rex Kidyalla Head Librarian Dr. Rex Kidyalla explained the history of the university as well as their great needs for more books. UDOM will eventually have 40,000 students.

Donated books to UDOM Solveig and Ruby handing over books
Dean of the School of Humanities, Professor Madumulla, accepted books alongside the Head Librarian and the Librarian Assistants.

From University to Pre Schools – PEN Trust finds a home for all levels of books they receive.

Emmaculata Pre SchoolersEmmaculata pre schoolers
Emmaculata Pre School Students

Solveig and Leigh handing over Big BooksSolveig and Leigh handing over Big Books to Emmaculata students and teachers.

Sister Neta - Head Sister of the Emmaculata Pre SchoolSister Neta recently passed away in a violent bus crash. She was a gentle spirit.

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