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Sullivan Summit Container Distributed

Written by Andrea on Wednesday, July 9, 2008
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Logo of the Sullivan SummitPEN Trust was chosen by Books For Africa to be their representative in the book distribution project in conjunction with the Sullivan Summit held in Arusha. We were very grateful for this opportunity.

The Sullivan Summit is a bridge between Americans and Africa, serving as a link for economic and cultural cooperation.

Regional Education Officer Raymond MapundaMany thanks go to the Regional Commissioner Isidore Sharima and the Regional Education Officer Raymond Mapunda who were instrumental in choosing some of the local schools as well as lining up storage donated by the Tanzanian government.

Book samples for the presentation at the Sulllivan Summit The container designated for the Sullivan Summit was delayed, so book samples were dressed up in Maasai blankets to be presented to the school representatives until the actual books arrived.

Sample book package Sample of the book packages given at the book ceremony.

Handing over books at Sullivan Summit celebration Books For Africa Board President, Michael Henley, hands over book packages to Head Teacher of Kilimanjaro English Medium Primary School and two student representatives at the ceremony located at the Arusha International Conference Center.

Arrival of the container Arrival of the container

Unloading the container Ten men unloaded the container.

The donated hall at Arusha Primary School The government donated the assembly hall of Arusha Primary School for our sorting and distribution center. The space was perfect for our needs.

Sorting going on on several levels The hall provided enough room for primary, secondary, university and libraries to be sorted and organized simultaneously.

Volunteers from the University of Dodoma The University of Dodoma was generous in their donation of two staff for three days to help sort the post secondary books. Dr. Rex Kidyalla is the Head Librarian and Beatrice Baltazary works in Public Relations.

Student Volunteer Jacqueline reading We also had a surprise student volunteer. Jacqueline just showed up one day and sat down and started reading.

Student volunteer Jacqueline sorting books After a few instructions, Jacqueline assisted us in the sorting process. She was a great helper.

Weekly ReadersWeekly Readers
This container included wonderful brand new, hard cover lower primary books from Weekly Reader.

Books sorted and ready for packing Math and science books ready to be packed for primary schools. There were 20,511 books distributed altogether.

Kilimanjaro English Medium Primary School Kilimanjaro English Medium Primary School

Picking up books for Kilimanjaro English Medium Primary School Head Teacher Marwa William picked up his consignment of 726 books.

Shalom Primary SchoolShalom Primary School

Shalom Primary School picking up books Shalom Primary received 598 books.

St. Thomas Nursery, Primary and Secondary SchoolSt. Thomas Nursery, Primary and Secondary School

St. Thomas Nursery studentsSt. Thomas Nursery students

St. Thomas library St. Thomas Library

Teachers from St. Thomas picking up books Teachers from St. Thomas came to pick up their 771 books.

Ilboru Boy's Secondary School Ilboru Boy’s Secondary School.

Books for Ilboru Boy's Secondary School being picked up. 755 books were picked up for Ilboru.

Meeting members of the Society of English Medium Schools We met with members of the Society of English Medium Schools (SEMS) at their teacher training college. This society was formed to assist in educating teachers to eventually teach in the 25 member schools.

Society for English Medium Schools's Teacher College Society of English Medium Schools Teachers College

The Secretary of the Society of English Medium Schools picking up books The Secretary of SEMS collecting their consignment of 874 books.

Makumira University 846 books
St. John’s University 896 books
University of Dodoma 876 books

2,618 books distributed at University Level

Arusha Secondary 709 books
Bondeni Muslim Secondary 615 books
Ilboru Boy’s Secondary 755 books
Karatu Secondary 715 books
MaaSae Girl’s Secondary 667 books
Maawal Secondary 745 books
Mkuu Secondary 751 books
St. Thomas Secondary 648 books
Tarakea Secondary 744 books

6,349 books distributed at Secondary Level

Arusha Primary 631 books
Kaloleni Primary 628 books
Kijenge Primary 558 books
Kilimanjaro English Medium 651 books
Levolosi Primary 649 books
Loiborsoit Primary 723 books
Makumbusho Primary 557 books
Meru Primary 583 books
O’Brien School for the Maasai 726 books
Sanawari Primary 672 books
Shalom Primary 598 books
Simanjiro Primary 584 books
Themi Primary 624 books

8,184 books distributed at Primary Level

Cherith Jr. School 94 books
Kilimanjaro Nursery 75 books
Makalla Nursery 125 books
St. Thomas Nursery 123 books

417 books distributed at Nursery Level

Arusha Regional Library 722 books
Bunda Regional Library 764 books
Moshi Regional Library 583 books
Society of English Med Schools 874 books

2,943 books distributed at Library Level

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