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Written by Andrea on Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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Looking at books in the children's corner at Chalula Library Imagine the joy of being a kid living in a rural village and having a library stocked with wonderful books in English and Kiswahili at your disposal…

Chalula Library Chalula Library was built by Bruce and Rosemary Harris of the US through Friends of African Village Libraries. It is located in the village of Mvumi which is about a half hours drive from Dodoma.

Children's Corner at Chalula Library The children’s corner.

Students checking out the map of  Tanzania and the world The children are fascinated by the map of Tanzania and of the world.

Learning anatomy in a fun way Learning anatomy and parts of the body in an interactive way.

Chatting in the library Bruce Harris meeting with Chalula Primary School Headmaster Henry Lyandalah.

US Volunteers, Holly and Lauren, taking inventory US Volunteers, Holly and Lauren, taking inventory of all the books in the library.

Mungwe talking with Mwalimu Mondo and Mama Grace Mungwe handing over more books to Library staff – Mwalimu Joram Mondo and Mama Grace Myakwaka on one of PEN Trust’s monthly visits.

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