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New Programs at Chalula Community Library

Written by Andrea on Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Filed under: General News, Pictures, Major Projects

Students enjoying current newspapers With the help of local bus drivers and the Supervising Teacher of the library, Joram Mando, students and teachers now enjoy current newspapers every weekday. A variety or papers arrive each day highlighting current events as well as sports and entertainment from Tanzania and around the world.

Library Scholars Another new program implemented in the past few months has been the Library Scholars. These are students that assist Mr. Mando and Mama Grace with duties involving arranging and straightening books on the shelves. This duty is seen as a high honor for these kids.

Students posing with green itemsStudents displaying orange items One way of involving students in literacy is to get them involved in the process of bookmaking. As a pilot project, two books were proposed and photos taken. The first book was about colors.

Students displaying grapesStudents displaying avocado The second book was about fruits of Tanzania. Some students had never seen an apple or passion fruit. The students involved enjoyed a fruit buffet after the photos were taken. Both books will be in English and Kiswahili.

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