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PEN Trust is the sister non profit to PEN of TZ which is a registered 501c3 company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. All donations are tax deductible. PEN Trust’s work is supported through the generosity of good hearted people around the world.

If you would like to donate, please send to:
PEN of Tanzania
8924 - 40 1/2 Avenue North
Minneapolis MN 55427-1006

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Listed below are some of our current needs.

Care package for secondary studentMany secondary school students attend boarding schools. One way you can help, is to create a care package or send money for one. This pack included a heavy duty duffel bag, pillow, sheet set, blanket, towel and wash cloth, soccer ball and toiletries for a girl.

Average cost is $150.00.

Solar OvenThe Solar Oven Society provides an alternative to harmful charcoal cooking. PEN Trust has one cooker but would like to develop this program further.

Cost is around $175.00.

Sophia Working at Bibi's House
Scholarships are needed for students at Ikhanoda Secondary School. We would like to offer scholarships for all four years so that parents and students do not have to worry about school fees and pulling students out to make ends meet. This is a rural secondary school that PEN Trust has assisted with construction.

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Estimated cost per student for four years $300.00

Iddi Standing with CrutchIddi Athumani Amasi asks for a school scholarship for his daughter, Rehema. Iddi recently suffered a stroke and fell and was found three days later. In the meantime his business was looted.

Estimated costs $300.00 for four years of schooling

Incubator from NascoRequests for two incubators and brooding kits from Nasco for start up poultry projects.

Estimated cost $425.00

GeneratorTanzania is going through an energy crisis. PEN Trust is in dire need of diesel powered portable household generators.

Average cost in Dar Es Salaam is $650.00.

Hired truck for distributionsUrgent request for funds for in country transportation for distribution of books and food.

Estimated costs $1,000.00

KLM and Northwest Planes
Frequent Flyer Miles or funds for travel expenses to the US. Click here to see our registry at Northwest Airlines.

Estimated cost $3,600.00 for two passengers

Partially completed classroom at Ikhanoda Secondary SchoolIkhanoda Secondary School has already enrolled and started this school year - but the building is not completed yet. Funds are needed to finish off classrooms. Suggested items to complete are cement floors poured, ceiling board installed, rooms painted, window glass and shutters installed, toilet faciliites installed plus labor expenses.

Estimated costs $5,000 per classroom or any portion

Library building at Kijota SecondaryPEN Trust would like to build library/computer labs for each school we have delivered books to over the past four years. The computer labs will be a slow process at first since many of our schools do not have access to electricity yet.

Estimated costs $5,000 per library

F Series Isuzu Truck PEN Trust is in need of a heavy duty 10 ton tipper style truck. This truck would be used to deliver much needed food and books to distant villages as well as be an income producing project in Dodoma while not in use for distributions.

Used vehicle from Japan - around $25,000.00.